Saturday, April 16, 2011

Started feedings

He started using his feeding tube tonight. They are starting with 1/3 the amount he needs and then increasing each night. We are probably staying in the hospital until Monday so that they can make sure the tube is working properly and his stomach is handling the amounts. He slept most of the day but when he was awake he was cranky. He doesn't like being in pain. They are controlling it pretty well but he still has to get up and move and go to the bathroom .

I was able to leave the hospital for a few hours so that I could go to Jason's baseball game and take a shower. My dad came and stayed with him. There was a bake sale for John today and that went well. Thank you to all who donated baked goods and to all who bought those treats. I heard there were some goods things there!

Hopefully the formula will stay in his stomach so he can have a good nights rest!

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