Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just resting

It has been a few days since I have posted things so I thought I better jump on and do that. First I would like to thank Monique Griffith for posting a link on her extremely popular blog so that people can come visit our page. She wrote a nice little paragraph about John and asked people to send cards if they can. (John likes to get things mail). We got our first card today and he really liked it! I have also picked up a few followers ;) I love all the scrapbook ladies!

We came home on Monday and did our first tube feed. We got it all hooked up properly gave his medicine through it and then set the pump to feed over the next 12 Hours. Throughout the night I kept checking in on him to see if it was working ok. Toward the early morning I was wondering why there was still so much formula left. It turns out I set the wrong amount per hour. I was only giving him half of what he was supposed to get. Lesson Learned!! Last night went smoothly. This morning was hard because I really needed to remove the long tube that goes from his stomach to the pump but he was to afraid it was going to hurt. After a lot of whining and arguing we decided that he would remove it himself. He did and it didn't hurt at all! Tonight it was more of the same except it was to put it back in. Again he did it himself and again it didn't hurt. One less argument!

We did have an MRI on his head on Monday but we don't results yet.

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