Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blood Infection

As you can guess john is admitted to hospital once again. On Saturday he was really quiet and not talking much. He felt warm so I took his temperature. It was 99.5. He got up and moved to the living room and his fever went away. I was setting up his salt water tank and he still hadn't moved much or even talked much. He told me that his mouth was hurting. He is developing sores in his mouth due to the effects of chemo. About 30 minutes after he went to sleep he woke up and started vomiting. I took his temperature which was 100.8. He was also shaking uncontrollably. We called the doctor and he said to go to the hospital and they would have a bed waiting. They took blood for cultures and immediately hooked up some fluids and started 2 kinds of antibiotics. We knew we were going to be there at least 48 hours waiting for results. About 4:00 am Monday i was told that his blood was growing something but they still needed to identify it.

He spiked another fever with more vomiting about 3:00am that same morning which means they have to take another set of cultures which adds 48 more hours to our stay. If his Broviac ( the catheter that goes into his heart , where he receives his chemo and fluids) is the source of infection it might have to be replaced which is more surgery. They are looking into the options now.

We are now just waiting for more results to move on to the next step. He was supposed to start a five day chemo this week but that has been put on hold.

He is doing good and even took a shower but he is extremely bored!!  I will update again when we get more info.


  1. hope he is feeling better lots of love from the Williams!!!

  2. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-dylvOFmDuXg/TgaCPV1SCKI/AAAAAAAACHI/EWWab1Ub8Co/s1600/pirate%2Bboys-shawn%2Band%2Bjohn.jpg /copy and past this link down to the jpg into the address bar Shawn has made something for john when he is up to looking at it.