Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another Chemo hospital stay

We checked in Monday at 8:30 am but his chemo didn't start until 6:30 pm, kinda funny and annoying all at once cause you're waiting all day to get this over with on time so we can go home on schedule, the longer you wait the longer we have to stay here. Monday Poppa Lee and Nanna came up for a visit, and then later on that night Kris stopped in and brought Jamba Juice and said Tyreke was getting ready to go train in Southern Ca for a little while and then would be back, we talked about the next fundraiser at RPM off of bradshaw and hwy 50 and John John liked the idea, then the nurse came in for John John and had to put ointment creme on his previous staph infection sores, one of his sores were on his lower region and she didn't want to put it on there cause it embarrased her and he was awake so that was confusing to me cause that didn't make any sense she's a nurse, I don't know what she's doing being a nurse if she cant handle that, so I told Kris, excuse me I have to do it, when I went to put the creme on his testis the sore wasn't there so I don't know, anyway he was exhausted and fell asleep soon after that.

Tuesday Ange came back to the Hospital cause I had to go to my union hall to take care of paperwork and my nephew was helping me on the house. So Ange stayed with him Tuesday and tuesday night while I watched Jason and Jessica.

Weds. morning I came back to the hospital and spoke with the Dr. Adams about we should get released tonight after 6:30 right?, he said well not necessarily he said he needs to be hydrated first before he can go home and he's probably going to be sick where he'll loose a lot of water you might have to stay thursday and friday, john john isn't happy about that, we weren't either but if it's going to make him feel better and his naseau under control it's what we have to do.

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