Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The rest of August

 The second week of August John was away at oncology camp. He left on Monday the 8th and came home on the 14th. He had a great time. The doctor that was there for the week switched his feeding from overnight to doing them throughout the day. He wanted John to be able to sleep under the stars with the other boys. John was sick the first few days from the amount of food given in such a short period of time but they figured out what worked best for him and he was fine the rest of the week. He swam, fished, did boating and archery. He already wants to go again and also wants to be a counselor at the camp when he gets older.

The third week of August was a really good week. John had a break from Chemo so he felt good most of the time. He turned 10 on the 15 th and we had a small party for him at Johns Incredible pizza in Roseville. It was very last minute so some of his friends could not be there. We have already told him that we will take him and a few friends to play laser tag when we get a chance. Originally that is what he wanted to do but most people couldn't make it because of school or sports. Also that week he got to make his wish!! We went to the Make- A -Wish building in Natomas so that they could interview John on what he wanted. When we got there they had gift baskets for all three of the kids. Jason and Jessica were so excited because they got something that was just for them. So after the interview John got to go into this room and put his wish( it was written on paper) into the wish jar. The room was blue and sparkly and played the "celebrate" song after he put his wish in. He wished to go to Hawaii and visit Pearl Harbor and go snorkeling. He has been really into the history channel and war ships lately. He has seen pictures from my scrapbook from when Big John and I went with our friends a few years ago. We had such a great time! So now we just wait while they plan everything. We do have to discuss travel dates with our doctors though.

The third week of August was a full 5 day chemo. This combination of drugs had a really negative effect on his digestive system. He has not had this combination since our first chemo round so the side effects really caught us off guard. He also started his home school. It is not actual home schooling because the district assigns us a teacher and supplies all the items necessary including books. The teacher comes 3 times a week and works on things and then we do the rest of the work in between. Radiation started this week also.

All in all the month wasn't so bad since John had a two week break from treatment and had a chance to do lots of fun things.

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