Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Saturday to Monday starting on a 5 day chemo

This weekend John John has had the company of his Aunt Sheree and cousin Brandon and cousin James come for a visit, they played games like apples to apples and xbox and even went outside and played a few games of basketball. On Sunday, his cousin James went home he said his good buys but let him know he'll be back in a couple weeks for the next fundraiser a public event at Gold's Gym in Natomas on Saturday June 4th from 10a to 5p, 1900 Del Paso Rd, Sacramento, CA.

On Sunday night, Aunt Sheree and Cousin Brandon offered to watch John John and Jason and Jessica, while Mom and dad went out to dinner. After we hooked up his feeding tube and set up his new pump for his saline bags to his broviac tube to hydrate him 24hrs a day while he gets his next 5 day chemo, set up his 1000ml bag and left for dinner, while we went to dinner, Aunt Sheree and Brandon asked the kids what they wanted and John john asked if he could get a cheese burger and fries, so by the time we came back from our dinner, he surprised us with eating his small fry and half of his cheese burger, he said it tasted good, we were surprised and happy he's finally wanting to eat anything. Around 2 AM his broviac Pump started alarming so I came into his room, oh this is dad, started to change his saline bag and it's 3 times the size of his bag from the hospital that we originally rec'vd and there were 3 ports on the bag, that was a little confusing, as luck would have it I picked the right one to plug into hooked it up primed the pump and looked at the settings and... well the pump is set up for a saline bag for a max of 1000ml, so I didn't see any way of changing it and figured as long as the feed rate didn't change it was ok, I'd just have to wake up sooner and reset it to pump again 2 more times until I changed bags,no biggie we'll ask the nurses tomorrow at our appointment.

At his appointment he gained another 1lb, yayy!!! he had his chemo and we wheeled his pole with the pumps of the chemo and saline bags over to a table where we played connect four, and checkers and some other games. while he was playing a few of the board games with his mom I asked about the bags and ports in the bags and the gave us new 1000ml bags so there no confusion. 

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